Thursday, 13 September 2012

Simple Henna Design | Simple Mehndi

Simple Henna Design for Hand 2012

This Henna design collection is a freash collection for hand Mehndi 2012. Such Mehndi Designs are easy to apply and less time consuming. These Henna Designs are suitable for small family parties.

A Simple Henna Design for Family Party and Get together
Henna Design 1

A very Simple Henna design for any time use at home
Henna Design 2

A Simple Floral Henna Design Start from thumb to wrist.
Henna Design 3

Simple Floral Henna in Lining Shape from elbow to palm
Henna Design 4

A Back Hand Henna Design, Very Simple and Attractive
Henna Design 5

A Back Hand Design from index Finger to wrist
Henna Design 6


  1. I think the patterns look great.

  2. I wood choose to these patterns on my hands

  3. Such a Very Beauty and Very Stylish Easy Henna Designs. Thanks

  4. Awesome!! Bride looks sooo gorgeous in her attire and jewels. Beautiful details. Congrats to the couple. Nice post.

  5. Wow these mehend designs are so pretty! plus they are super intricate and small so even those who dont know can try drawing them in

  6. This is really great information found here, I really like your post. Thanks very much for the share. Keep posting.

    Designer Mehandi

  7. Awesome!! The bride looks so gorgeous in her Designer Anarkali Suit and jewels. Thank for sharing. I found more ideas for mehndi designs so let's try once.