Thursday, 13 September 2012

Simple Henna Design | Simple Mehndi

Simple Henna Design for Hand 2012

This Henna design collection is a freash collection for hand Mehndi 2012. Such Mehndi Designs are easy to apply and less time consuming. These Henna Designs are suitable for small family parties.

A Simple Henna Design for Family Party and Get together
Henna Design 1

A very Simple Henna design for any time use at home
Henna Design 2

A Simple Floral Henna Design Start from thumb to wrist.
Henna Design 3

Simple Floral Henna in Lining Shape from elbow to palm
Henna Design 4

A Back Hand Henna Design, Very Simple and Attractive
Henna Design 5

A Back Hand Design from index Finger to wrist
Henna Design 6